Societal Blame

Societal Blame

The terror that coursed through my body was like a thousand shocks of lightning only that unlike lightning I wasn’t grounded; I wasn’t able to keep my head above water for long periods of time. Shame and embarrassment surface as if I’m to blame for why the lightning struck. This subconscious story that “I placed myself in that position”. “I”, decided to swim out to sea, alone, with no raft, to swim with the fucking sharks as if im immune to the lightning out there. 

While floating back to shore I repeatedly question “Why would you journey into untreaded waters? Why play with creatures who are from a completely different breed than you?” The weight of questions shouted by the self evokes the mixed feelings of inner betrayal and the credulous nature of trust, to which I believed I could swim with sharks and walk away without impaired fins. Foolish rationality and imprudent ventures was the result of this unconscious action. A subtle, fallacious, tale that was taught and ingrained by the values of society, you are to blame…

-unconsciously drifting 


Metaphorical Dynamism 

It’s like holding water in your hands and trying to keep the fluidity of it from seeping through the cracks of your fingers. You’re dying of thirst but every time you try to drink from the water you have just attempted to grasp all you have left is the residue of the water that remains on your skin. You often question “why can’t I quench this thirst?” when all the while you’ve just been trying to serve your thirst in an, unmindful, unloving manner. 

A mirror to the inner dynamics that are at play. It’s an understanding that the habits you have set forth are unhealthy forms of action to which you unquitingly attempt to feed your soul what it so longs for. When all the while you have failed to see how you have not only hurt yourself but those closest to your heart. Your obsessive fixation of trying to quench your thirst became the focal point of your theater, you neglected those who undyingly came out to support your play. 

A dose of what many would call reality when you come to the realization of how self centered your thirst has been. Revelation whether painful or joyful is simply a  process of change when the curtin drops. You now have a conscious choice in how your next scene will play out. Make sure your script evokes not only the pain and growth of where your thirst has brougt you but also the self compassion  and acceptance for the unconscious primal state thirst has once placed you in. – the inability for fluidity to stagnate (metaphorical dynamism)
Art by: @pimc77

​Deeper than Pigment

She doesn’t truely understand how effulgent her nature exuberates to the world. Her pigmentation radiates the free spirit within, waiting to sing with the trees and ride with the wild. When will she learn to be the anchor to what she so desperately searches for? When will she be with the wind and journey with the convictions that scream from the pit of her soul? It’s so clear it expounds through the gateways of her heart. Does she see the sparkle of the cosmos, when glancing at her reflection? When will she truly grasp the depth of the universe that she so desperatly seeks, yet unconsciously keeps buried at the bottom of her ocean of feelings like long lost treasure? I hope that she will get the chance to make a good impression on the galaxy within and comprehend that everything she is or isent, everthing that makes her whole and imperfect, eveything that makes up her complex being, is exactly what makes her so beautiful. She has a unique stance in the interconnected, interdependent galaxies of this universe. 

Art by: @pimc77
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Doubt is the blade that will cut your reality into pieces and leave you questioning why you weren’t good enough.

Belief is the armor that will protect your psyche from the dismantaling knife of doubt; it is the main ingredient to realizing what you are made out of.

-revelation of inner conflictions 

Art by @pimc77

Imaginative Thinker


Sometimes I don’t want to be realistic.  Sometimes I need to be imaginative. It allows me to explore the elevated self within.  The most mysterious, intriguing things are not presented to the eyes logically or realistically. I want to use my third eye to see past this material world that many believe to be the ultimate reality .
Let me be the dreamer that I am.  It doesn’t have to make sense to you,  it only has to resonate with my soul.